Poulson Doors LLC has been in the garage door repair and installation business for over 10 years and the most common problem of a broken garage door is the springs. We service both Ogden residents and businesses and offer very affordable prices. Garage door springs get worn over time, becoming loose or broken and resulting in a garage door that goes up or down lopsided. This is easily causes an eyesore to your home and your neighborhood. Luckily this is fixed with ease by one of our expert technicians. Give us a call today if your garage door has gone on the brink!

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Broken Springs

Your garage door opener is the power behind your garage door, but the springs are what control it on the tracks. If your garage door has started to go up a little crooked or sometimes doesn’t sit flush on the ground it is probably because your springs are worn. If your garage door goes up completely crooked then it means your springs have broken. In either case you will need replacement springs. If you live in the Ogden area and need either commercial or residential broken spring replacement then Poulson Doors LLC is the garage door company for you!

Our Service

Poulson Doors LLC firmly believes quality over quantity. We promise that we will do the job right the first time. We also believe in word of mouth for a job well done. Most of our Ogden clients are repeat clients or ones that have heard through word of mouth of our excellent workmanship and our affordable prices. If you are looking for this type of commitment then give us a call today!