Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door stands as a protective shield for your home or business, ensuring your property’s smooth functionality and longevity. Regular maintenance is essential. Explore the world of garage door care with Poulson Doors LLC.

What Is Garage Door Maintenance?

Garage door maintenance encompasses a comprehensive check of all the door’s components. We ensure each part functions optimally, whether we’re checking springs, rollers, cables or other essential components of your door. If there are any issues with your door’s function or appearance, we’ll perform prompt repairs to solve them.

Central to our repair and maintenance services are products such as our LiftMaster® garage door openers, enabling us to replace vital parts of your residential or commercial garage door system. With these openers, you get features like power-conserving illumination, durable functionality, smart home connectivity and ultra-quiet operation.

Why Is Garage Door Maintenance Important?

Consistency, silent operation and responsive remote controls indicate a well-maintained garage door. On the other hand, unusual sounds or hesitant operation may signal a need for attention. Spring health is also paramount — signs like an uneven door or a door that feels unexpectedly heavy call for maintenance. By maintaining your door, you can ensure optimal safety and functioning.

How Often Should I Get Garage Door Maintenance?

For enduring performance and peace of mind, regular check-ups are essential. While some people prefer annual evaluations, we suggest considering more frequent inspections. Here are more scenarios indicating the need for maintenance:

  • Routine wear and tear: Aging hardware may cause slow or uneven door movement and gradual wear. More indicators of wear include bent tracks or gaps in weatherstripping and seals.
  • Seasonal preparations: Anticipate heavy rain, snow or extreme temperatures by checking insulation efficiency ahead of harsh weather.
  • Unusual noises: Grinding, squeaking or banging may highlight broken springs, rollers or openers. Regular checks prevent emergencies involving these components.
  • Safety concerns: Door sensors can malfunction and create potential risks for pets, family members or business customers. When the door fails to close completely, security risks arise.
  • Aesthetic upgrades: You can update your home’s curb appeal with modern entry door designs and complementary garage doors.
  • Property sales: You can enhance property value and ensure happy home inspections through updated, efficient and aesthetically pleasing garage doors.
  • Post-accident repairs: Maintenance and repairs are essential after incidents like accidentally backing into the door. They are also vital when natural disasters cause structural or cosmetic damage.
  • Recurring repair costs: If repairs are frequent, it may be time for a complete replacement. Older systems may need new safety features, which you can determine through a maintenance inspection.
  • Desire for specialty features: If you’re interested in extra security features like alarms or cameras, you can delve into various customizations by getting an inspection to see if your door can accommodate these additions.

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