Garage Door Services and Repairs

A working garage door system is more than a convenient entry point to your home. It offers safety, aesthetics and peace of mind. At Poulson Doors LLC, we specialize in comprehensive garage door repair services. We hold a 10+ year legacy in Ogden’s residential and commercial garage doors.

Garage Service and Repair in Ogden

Our decade of hands-on experience has honed our skills. That makes us the trusted name in providing commercial and residential garage door repair, including:

  • Dedicated garage door repair services: From minor tweaks to extensive overhauls, our commercial and residential garage door repair options can help. Our trained technicians can handle all types of garage doors, ensuring they work as expected.
  • Spring replacement: A broken spring is one of the most common issues homeowners face. If you’re finding it hard to open your garage door, a broken garage door spring may be the likely cause. Our technicians ensure safe and efficient spring replacements. We bring your door back to its optimal functionality.
  • Sensor adjustments: Modern garage doors have sensors for safety. Over time, these can become misaligned. Our team can adjust and calibrate these sensors for your garage door to close smoothly.
  • Track and roller repairs: A misaligned or broken garage door roller can freeze your garage door. We can identify issues and undertake necessary repairs to restore your door to life.
  • Garage door opener repair: If your garage door operators are static or stuck, we can turn the cogs and ensure the garage door opener moves again. Our expertise extends to diagnosing and repairing stuck openers. We can restore access to your home or business for you.
  • Panel replacements: Anything can suddenly harm your garage door panels. Our team sources and replaces individual panels and parts, saving you time and money.

Why Trust Poulson Doors LLC With Your Garage Door?

At Poulson Doors LLC, our customer-focused commitment to Ogden exceeds garage door service and repairs. We’re all about building relationships. Our clients’ feedback illustrates our dedication to quality and excellence. Our team includes professionals trained in the latest service and garage door repair techniques. We ensure efficient and durable solutions for all your garage door problems. Here are more reasons to choose us:

  • Deep-rooted local experience: Having served the Ogden area for over 10 years, our roots are strong and unique. We understand the pulse of our customers’ needs.
  • Certified expertise: Our team consists of adept technicians who perform each task with precision and care. We ensure the longevity of your garage door.
  • Commitment to quality: From the garage doors we install to their service and repairs, we maintain top quality of a high standard.
  • Transparent pricing: At Poulson Doors LLC, you know what you’re getting upfront. We give our customers free quotes in line with every detail of their specifications.
  • Smart solutions: Embracing modern technology is our forte. We remain at the forefront of solutions like myQ app technology for openers.

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Your garage door is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. At Poulson Doors LLC, we excel at ensuring both. For top-tier garage door repair services in Ogden, contact us today to request service or get a free quote.

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