How to Reset a Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers are relatively straightforward devices, though they’re incredibly innovative home features that make daily life more convenient. There’s no need to open the garage door manually, reverse out to the driveway and then get out of your car to manually close the door before leaving your home. Instead, you can open and close even the heaviest garage doors at a button’s touch.  Still, garage door openers can experience issues. Sometimes, resetting the device can restore smooth function. The device’s manual should walk you through this process. If you have misplaced your manual, keep reading to learn the […]

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6 Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired

Your garage door is an intricate part of your house. There are a lot of parts that make it work properly. When your garage door stops working, it can be very inconvenient and confusing to find the source of the problem. This guide shows you six signs to look for that indicate your garage door needs to be repaired. 1. Your Garage Door Won’t Close Properly One of the most noticeable signs your garage door needs to be repaired is when it won’t close completely or sticks while closing. No matter how small the gap may be, if your garage […]

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