How to Keep Your Garage Door Cool in the Summer

Garages are integral to your daily routine, serving as a safe parking place for your vehicle, a convenient space for workouts or a private area for hobbies. In summer, however, these locations tend to reach scorching temperatures, which make spending time there uncomfortable and can damage your equipment and other items in storage. Let’s unpack the possible reasons for this sometimes unbearable heat and explore some tips on how to cool your garage in the summer.

Why Do Garages Get So Hot During Summer?

Summer is a great time of year, but it can wreak havoc on your garage temperatures. The direction your garage faces, the materials used to build it and its insulation features can all play a part in its sweltering hot temperatures and humid environment. Here are some common explanations as to why a garage can get very hot in summer:

  • Limited ventilation: If your garage has minimal or no ventilation, it can contribute to smoldering temperatures. Ventilation helps air to move, and if your garage lacks proper airflow, it can increase the heat level.
  • Direct sunlight: The afternoon sun tends to be more severe than the rising sun’s rays, so if your garage is in direct line with the sun during the late afternoons, it will raise the temperatures significantly.
  • Lack of insulation: One of the benefits of insulation is that it slows down the movement of hot air. An insufficient amount of insulation or none at all can cause extreme heat in your garage, making for uncomfortable hours.

The Importance of Keeping a Garage Cool

Like any other cool building in the summer heat, a cool garage provides a welcome respite. Apart from this, it’s also healthier for you as it beats heat exhaustion and helps to prevent dehydration. Some other reasons why a cool garage is important include:

  • Boosts comfort levels: A proper garage cooling system improves any garage activity, especially exercising and strenuous tasks or hobbies.
  • Maintains the integrity of stored items: Many storage instructions outline keeping items in cool temperatures, so a cooler garage provides better storage conditions.
  • Improves energy efficiency throughout the house: If your home’s walls are adjacent to your garage, cooler garage walls can help control your home’s temperature so your air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard.

How to Keep Heat out of Your Garage

You can do many things to help keep your garage and garage door cool in the summer. Try some of the following tips for improved air circulation and a cooler, more comfortable garage:

Get Proper Garage Insulation

Your garage door is one of the best ways to get proper insulation for your garage. The appropriate insulation is energy efficient and maintains comfortable temperature levels. You may be able to find kits to add insulation to your existing garage door, but the most effective insulation is a factory-insulated garage door, such as Clopay’s Classic™ Collection.

Opt for Reflective Surfaces

Reflective surfaces bounce light off and away from your garage instead of absorbing all the heat. Whether it’s panels, paint or a reflective garage door, reflective materials can help decrease the temperature in your garage.

Spend Time Decluttering

Clutter tends to stagnate proper airflow and can hold onto heat. If you have boxes and old, unused items lying around, it’s best to clear them out so cooler air can move through your garage unencumbered. Decluttering is an easy, effective way to cool your garage and can also decrease your cooling costs.

Address Air Leaks

Examine your garage and look for areas where you see crevices around windows, doors and other openings. These cracks let cooler air out of your garage, increasing your energy bill and keeping your garage hot. Seal open areas well to ensure your other cooling efforts are not wasted.

Avoid Appliances That Produce Heat

Heat-producing appliances, such as water heaters, might be in your garage. Ensuring these appliances get proper ventilation to the outside can help keep garage temperatures stable. Consider moving other, more mobile items to another area to help keep your garage cool. Keep recently used grills, heaters and hobby equipment out of your garage. 

Allow Your Car to Cool off Before Pulling In

Your car’s engine can produce significant amounts of heat after you’ve used it. Once your vehicle is off, let it stand outside for a while before parking it inside your garage.

Improve Your Garage Ventilation

Using effective but easy ventilation techniques can drastically improve your garage’s temperature. Sealing air leaks and insulating can help prevent cool air from escaping, while ventilation gets the air moving so cool, fresh air flows in while stale, humid air flows out. You can add fans and open the garage door at night to let the cool air in.

Get an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is more expensive but can be one of the best methods to cool your garage and prepare it for summer. Installing an air conditioner will require some preparation and planning but with the right tools, it can provide hours of effective temperature control so you can enjoy your garage and hobbies comfortably. 

Choose Lighter Paint Colors

Darker paint colors, much like dark clothing, absorb heat, warming up the entire space. If you’re wondering how to keep your garage cool, using lighter colors can help. The best time to paint is during the spring before the high summer season starts.

Use a Dehumidifier

Humidity can contribute to temperature spikes and increase discomfort, especially if you reside in a region prone to high humidity levels. A dehumidifier removes moisture in the air, lowering temperatures. It also reduces condensation in winter.

Beat the Summer Heat With Smart Solutions From Poulsen Doors LLC

Keeping your garage door cool is easier than you may have thought. It will take a little effort, but with a few adjustments, you’ll enjoy a cool environment to exercise, enjoy your hobbies or work on your DIY projects. 

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