Garage Door Track Repair Services

Your garage door tracking must be in pristine condition and unobstructed for your overhead door to open and close. If you live in the Ogden area, you should choose a reputable garage door service company to complete the necessary repairs.

Poulson Doors LLC has been working in the garage door space for over a decade. We’re here for you when your overhead door stops working so that you can return to your daily routine quickly.

What Are Garage Door Tracks and How Do They Work?

Garage door tracks extend from the left and right sides of your garage door to the area above your storage space. These metal components withstand a great deal of weight and create small channels for rollers to glide along the system.

The tracking within your garage door assembly remains in place, while rollers, springs and garage door panels move to open and close. Without garage door tracks, your overhead door would have no way of moving along a set path.

Signs Your Garage Door Requires a Repair

You should always leave a garage door track repair in the hands of an experienced professional. However, you may be able to discover a problem with your tracking by looking at it or relying on your ears.

Call Poulson Doors LLC in Ogden if you see or hear the following issues:

  • The garage door tracks are bent.
  • Your garage door rollers and panels appear off-track.
  • The overhead door works when it wants to.
  • You can see missing hardware.
  • There is rust on the garage door tracks.
  • The garage door tracks shake and make loud noises.
  • The tracks in your assembly warp.
  • You can see gaps between track channels and rollers.

Numerous Garage Door Repair Services Available

Rely on the team at Poulson Doors LLC to oversee your repair job. Our staff will diagnose the issue with your overhead door and come up with an effective plan for regaining functionality. Count on us to remove and replace your garage door tracks and lubricate the system. We specialize in fixing misaligned garage doors and show up with the tools and parts in hand for the work.

Besides track repairs, feel confident trusting the technicians at Poulson Doors LLC for assistance with:

  • Automatic openers
  • Panels
  • Sensors
  • Rollers
  • Springs
  • Cables

Why Work With Poulson Doors LLC for Garage Door Service?

Poulson Doors LLC works hard to maintain a positive reputation throughout our service area. We pride ourselves on reading client feedback and making it easy for you to see what previous customers have to say about us. Developing proactive solutions for your residential or commercial space is what we do best, and we complete all repairs, maintenance tasks and installations to the highest standards.

With our team, you always get transparent pricing and access to the latest garage doors and door technology on the market. From Clopay® offerings made of durable steel and wood to garage door openers compatible with the myQ® app, we help you find everything you need. We’re also locally owned, offer same-day service and can visit your home on a 24/7 emergency basis when you need us to.

Contact Poulson Doors LLC for Track Repairs

When your garage door needs service, hire Poulson Doors LLC technicians from the get-go. Request repair services from us online, or call us at (801) 251-6968 for more information.

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