Garage Door Repair

Garage door repairs are often simple repairs that just look really bad. Poulson Doors LLC offers excellent customer service to the Ogden, UT area. We do repairs on both commercial and residential and our garage door repair prices are hard to beat. We have been in the business for over 10 years and are confident that you will love our service! We have many repeat and loyal customers. Other areas we serve include:

Basic Garage Door Repairs

Poulson Doors LLC services all types of garage doors from residential to commercial. We fix broken and worn springs as well as tracks, garage door openers, and weather stripping. If your garage is having a problem, our expert technicians will be able to fix it! If you are in the Ogden area give us a call today to hear about all our great services as well as our prices!

Broken Spring Replacement

Many times when a garage door goes up lopsided, or only goes up a bit on one side, and most commonly the door will only raise a couple of inches and stop, it is because a spring is either broken or has become worn. This is a common problem among garage door repairs. It looks horrible, but it is a simple fix. Poulson Doors LLC offers broken spring replacement to the Ogden, UT area.

Garage Door Openers

Sometimes your garage door just won’t open or close or it goes up or down really slowly. The most obvious fix to this is your garage door opener. Sometimes we are able to quickly repair them, other times you may need to purchase a new one. Poulson Doors LLC carries only the best. We use LiftMaster garage door openers and they are the toughest ones out there.


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