Emergency Garage Door Repairs and Services

Like any other moving component, your garage door needs regular inspections to prevent it from malfunctioning. There may be indications that it’s due for maintenance, like unexplained noises, or you can experience an unexpected breakdown at any time. 

Poulson Doors LLC is your solution in case of garage door emergencies. Whether you’re handling an emergency at home or on your commercial property, no garage door issue is too major for our expert technicians to handle. Explore our emergency garage door services and repairs in more detail below. 

Common Emergency Garage Door Repair Requests

When operating your garage door, the last thing you expect is for it to stop working. If it does, the problem might be minor and can be easily resolved. More severe issues must be dealt with by a professional service technician.

These are some common garage door emergencies you could encounter.

The Garage Door Remote Won’t Open or Close the Door

Your remote’s batteries may need replacing if you’ve tried to operate the door numerous times unsuccessfully. This quick fix is easy to implement. If you’ve replaced the batteries and it’s still not working, check that you’re within range and there’s no obstruction with the door sensor signal. If the issue persists, a garage door technician can help.

The Garage Door Reverses Direction While Closing

The photo eye sensors detect objects while closing to prevent damage or injury to vehicles and people. If they’re blocked by dirt, dust or debris, they mistakenly alert the door of an obstruction, and the door reverses direction. Wipe them clean to ensure they’re not obstructed. 

The Door Is Off-Track or Misaligned

The tracks keep the garage door in place to function efficiently. Various indicators may point to an issue, including:

  • Warped, bent or damaged tracks
  • A visible gap between the track and rollers
  • Slow or staggered opening
  • An inability to open
  • Loud noises while operating

These all have different causes and should be inspected by a professional to assess and repair.

The Door Struggles to Open and Close, Moves Slowly or Jerks

The usual culprit is broken torsion or extension springs. They may be worn out or snapped, causing the garage door to lose tension and feel heavy when lifted manually. Never attempt fixing springs yourself, as it could lead to injury. Call a service technician immediately. 

The Door System Makes Unusual Noises While Operating

Strange sounds occur for various reasons. Identifying them may help determine the source of the problem. For example, you might hear slapping due to loose chains, squeaking and finding caused by loose rollers and rattling and vibrating due to loose bolts and nuts. Broken springs cause a loud popping sound. It’s best for a qualified technician to inspect the noise and fix the issue. 

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repairs and Services by Poulson Doors LLC

There’s a solution to every garage door problem you might encounter, even if it’s not listed above. Poulson Doors LLC provides 24-hour residential and commercial emergency garage door service and repairs to Ogden, Utah, and beyond.

Our experienced technicians are qualified in the following:

  • Installations: Our competitive rates, outstanding service and superior quality garage doors used during installations ensure we can deliver in an emergency or general request, whether residential or commercial.
  • Replacements: Old and worn doors eventually need replacing. Explore our commercial overhead door range for the best to suit your business. Or, discover our timeless residential garage door selection
  • Repairs: Life happens, and even if you’re not prepared, we are. Our 24-hour emergency garage door services include fixing issues with the balance and alignment, safety sensors, garage door rollers, hinges, tracks, garage door springs and seals. We attend to residential and commercial garage door repairs efficiently and effectively for your peace of mind.
  • Maintenance: Keep your garage door in optimal condition with regular garage door maintenance. It helps mitigate repairs long-term, saving you on replacement costs. If your garage door is older, pay attention to noises and movements caused by a bigger underlying issue. Our maintenance services address natural wear and tear, safety concerns, seasonal planning, improving curb appeal and general inspections. 

Choose Poulson Doors LLC for Emergency Garage Door Repairs and Services

At Poulson Doors LLC, we treat every customer with the tailored service they deserve. We understand that needs differ and accommodate each individual as much as possible. That’s why we offer discounts for qualified military customers and other services. Loyalty goes both ways. We care about our community of loyal customers, building and maintaining good mutual relations over time. 

When you call in a garage door emergency, we’ll be there. We’re not just doing our job but genuinely committed to delivering exceptional service so you’ll never hesitate to call us again.

If you need advice on your garage door problems or want to schedule a service or request an estimate, we’re just a phone call or message away. 

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